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Which capture devices can I use to take pictures?

You can use any device, from a reflex camera to the camera of a mobile phone. The only requirement is to use a standard lens. Currently, the platform still does not support fisheye or wide-angle images, we are working to incorporate them in the future. You also need to use JPG images.

How should the pictures be taken?

The object to be captured must not be in motion and the images must be sharp, with the object centered on the image and with an overlap equal to or greater than 66% between images (the same part of the object must be displayed in at least 3 images). There must always be a shift between catches. Taking two pictures from the same point can cause the model to not be generated. To see more information about capturing photos, visit Capture Tips.

How to generate a 3D model?

To generate a new 3D model follow these steps:

  1. Click New 3D in the top navigation bar.
  2. Enter the model name and type or choose the category. Select the model type (normal, face) and quality (standard or premium).
  3. Click on the image insertion box, select the images and click on the Next button to get a report about your project and payment method.
  4. Finally, click Proceed and wait for notification by email.

Which options are used by default?

By default the models will be generated in 'standard' quality and with 'normal' model type.

Which kind of results are obtained?

Three types of result are obtained:

  1. The pointcloud of the 3D model in binary PLY format.
  2. The textured mesh model with texture based on the color of the pointcloud.
  3. The textured mesh model with texture based on photographs (higher texture quality).

How can I claim a 3D model when I am not satisfied with the result?

For that proposal you can use the available link into the 3D model page. When you make a claim, a space for your clame is opened to follow its status. We will check your clame in our support department and we will answer you less than 48 hous. If the problem of your claim is responsibility of eCapture3D, we will give you the same credit to make a new 3D model.

Can the results be shared?

You can share your 3D models with their URL either as a single link or through different social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+). Just activate the 'public' option within the options of the 3D model. You can activate the 'public' option within 3D models, and all users of the platform can see them. Othes users of platform can not download your 3D models. Even, you can sell your 3D model included your models in our 3D model database. Your have a benefit of your 3D model of 70% of all sales obtained by platform.

What is the output coordinate system?

The models are generated in a relative coordinate system. Normally, the origin point of the coordinate system (0, 0, 0) will be located at one of the capture points. If you know the absolute coordinates of your model, you can use any 3D model editing software to do the georeferencing of the downloaded model.

How the model can be scaled? (Developing)

To perform the scaling directly in the process of generating the 3D model it is necessary to use a target (download target here). It should be printed in real dimensions and placed next to the object to be photographed, so that it appears in the images. The resulting model is automatically scaled. Another option is to generate the model and later scale it with any 3D model editing software using a known real distance.

What does it mean to set my model as 'Visible'?

If you are using an account provided by your company, marking the model as visible will cause both the department head with whom the account is associated and the company administrator to have read and edit access to the model.

What does it mean to set my model \'For sale\'?

A model with the sale option activated can be sold by eCapture3D in our 3D model Database. The final price of the model will be set by the user, and you will get 70% of it. The remaining 30% will be discounted for management and sales commission by eCapture3D.


eyesCloud3D has a technical support team to answer your questions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or problems contact our technical support team by email.



August 2019 News

New join tool

eyesCloud3D launches a new tool with which you can join several 3D models.

Just open the model you want to add, select the join tool and select 3 join points.

The next step is to open the model to which you want to join the previous one and, using the same tool, select 3 union points again.

eyesCloud3D will join the models through the matches between the selected points.

Download your clipped 3D models

The mesh elevation map tool has been improved.
If models are clipped, the elevation map will be adjusted to associate the boundaries correctly.

New portfolio

The eyesCloud3D portfolio has been modified to adapt it to the new global design of the platform. You can access it by clicking on the first icon in the navigation bar.

You will be able to see a total of 15 previously selected models so that you can see the infinite possibilities we offer.

June 2019 News

New tour virtual tool

We have added new functionality to the platform. The virtual tour allows you to select model positions and generate a virtual tour with automatic animations.

The operation is very simple: choose the desired positions that your model will have, choose the speed and waiting time until starting the next movement. Hit play and enjoy your virtual tour.

Elevation map tool for mesh

The elevation map is added to the mesh display. This tool allows you to know the highest and lowest points of your models thanks to the color system.

For the correct operation of this tool, we recommend geolocating the 3D model beforehand.

May 2019 News

New vertex tool

eyesCloud3D adds new functionality to the mesh viewer that allows you to view the vertices of the 3D model.

This visualization differs from the point cloud in the fidelity and number of vertices.

Improved clipping tool

Now you can make clippings in the mesh model from eyesCloud3D. The operation is very simple: select the clipping tool, create a polygon that you want to remove from the model and right click to finish.

You can generate a maximum of 5 clippings of up to 7 points each.

Download your clipped 3D models

eyesCloud3D offers the possibility to download your 3D models with the clippings you have made. All you have to do is make the desired clippings and download the model in any of its versions.

Forget about the post-processing software, directly to your 3D printer!

New look

At eyesCloud3D we continue to update our web platform for you to enjoy an innovative and simple design. In this case, we have modified the user profile page and the rates page.

Scaling with targets

eyesCloud3D offers a new tool to easily scale your 3D models.
Just download the targets, print them and add them to the scene you want to generate in 3D.

Each target is related to a measure in cm. You must choose the target that best suits the dimensions of the scene (only one). Be sure not to modify the dimensions when printing.
Download the targets in the following link.

3D models from Google Earth

Now you can create your 3D models by uploading a video to the eyesCloud3D platform.

eyesCloud3D offers new functionality that allows you to generate 3D models from videos or screenshots taken from Google Earth software.
Getting a 3D model from anywhere in the world has never been easier.

April 2019 News

Hello users! We bring you the new implementations of the platform:

New gallery design!

With the aim of making it easier for you, we have redesigned the gallery so that it is more comfortable for you to navigate through it.

Top 15 eyesCloud3D models

Now you will have a section where you can see the most popular models of the users. Vote your models to make them popular!

Your favorite models

This section offers quick access to your favorite models. It contains the models most viewed by you.

New organization

Browse your models sorted by the latest created or by sector: e-commerce, engineering, health care, security, education or various.

Cut everything you want

Would you like to remove some parts of your 3D models? Now with eyesCloud3D it's possible! We launched a new cropping tool.

Its operation is very simple: choose the tool, select an area and secondary click to process the clipping.

If you want to recover clipped areas, we also offer a tool that resets the model.

At this time, this utility is only available in the point cloud viewer.

Welcome to the family!

In eyesCloud3D we extend our catalogue of formats to export 3D models. The new FBX format offers new options for working with Autodesk software.

New functionality in the upload of external models

Do you have a point cloud and you'd like to get the mesh? Upload it to eyesCloud3D and you'll get your mesh model. Reverse conversion is also offered, to get the point cloud of a mesh model.

August 2018 News

The power of video comes to eyesCloud3D

Now you can create your 3D models by uploading a video to the eyesCloud3D platform.

The ease and convenience of video allows you to create your 3D models in the easiest way.

Do not hesitate and upload your video to eyesCloud3D.

Keep what really matters

Now you can activate auto cut mode on your 3D models.

This feature automatically removes the background from your 3D models, so that all the power of eyesCloud3D is applied to the desired area.

May 2018 News

New 3D gallery

eyesCloud3D keeps improving every day to offer you all the new features of its platform.

Enter the new model gallery and create new folders with a single click.

Adding your 3D models to a folder is very easy:

Drag and drop

Right-clicking (PC) or holding down the model for 1 second (smartphone).

With this option you can also rename or delete your folders.

Show your creations to your colleagues

eyesCloud3D offers you the possibility to show or hide your 3D models in your department.

By clicking on the option, this function will be activated or deactivated in your 3D model.

Interact with your 3D models from Facebook

Would you like to upload your 3D models directly to Facebook? Now with eyesCloud3D it's possible!

Generate your 3D model and download it in GLB format. You can upload it to Facebook and view it directly in the application.

Genera modelo 3D totalmente gratis

eyesCloud3D takes another step forward to offer you free 3D model generation.

Generate your new 3D model and select the option Get it for free to enjoy your model at zero cost.

Convert your free models to standard models

Now you can convert your free models to standard and enjoy the full potential of the eyesCloud3D platform.

January 2018 News

Models thumbnails in the 3D gallery

In eyesCloud3D we continue innovating to allow you to access new features in our web platform.

Can't you identify a model from the 3D gallery preview?

Now you can easily change it with eyesCloud3D

Place your 3D model in the desired position and set it as a thumbnail view.

You can do this from the tab Visualizationof the 3D viewer.

Calculate the height of your model

Now you have available in eyesCloud3D a new feature that allows you to measure the height of a 3D model, starting from the plane of its base.

This new tool is very useful in situations where it is not possible to take a measurement between two points.

Its operation is very simple:

  • Select the tool
  • Places the view perpendicular to the base.
  • Click on the base plane.
  • Click on the area where you want to get the height.
  • Click on the base, again.

  • It is very important to follow the indicated order and take the points as aligned as possible.

    Improvements in the incidence system

    For eyesCloud3D, each user is important, so we always want to offer you the best service and the best personalized attention.

    In this new version, we have paid special attention to the incidences system, improving interaction and easy use.

    Help for viewers

    Given the large number of tools that eyesCloud3D offers in its viewers, a help tab has been added.

    Now you can learn how to operate all the options easily and comfortably.

    New 3D transformation system

    If you want to modify the referencing of your 3D models, eyesCloud3D gives you the opportunity to do it with its new tool.

    For this, follow these steps:

  • Click on Visualization / Reference system
  • Using the point selection tool, select the desired point and click on add point
  • Insert your new coordinates

  • We also offer you the possibility to insert the points from a CSV file.

    A minimum of three points is required to get the 3D model transformation.

    November 2017 News

    New calibration module

    The module for generating calibrations is now available in the eyesCloud3D platform.

    Now you can calibrate your device for free and get better results on your 3D models.

    The calibration process is similar to a 3D model. The eyesCloud3D platform stores your camera's own parameters and will use them to improve your 3D models.


    eyesCloud3D includes new tools for working with orthophotos.

    Upload your image and enjoy all the features that eyesCloud3D offers.

    You can take measurements, change the scale, make notes and download all your modifications.

    Add tags to your 3D models

    With the new eyesCloud3D functionality you can add all kinds of tags to each generated model.

    If a category can't represent all the features of your model, new eyesCloud3D tags are what you need.

    Do you have an external 3D model? Upload it to eyesCloud3D and enjoy all the benefits!

    Give your 3D models more options by uploading them to the platform.

    You'll be able to use all the visualization and editing tools that eyesCloud3D offers, in addition to sharing it on social networks.

    eyesCloud3D supports the following formats: PLY, LAS and OBJ. If you want to upload a textured mesh, make sure you upload all the necessary files.

    Geolocate your 3D models!

    New eyesCloud3D functionality that allows you to geolocate where you took the pictures of your 3D model.

    Display the map and with a single click, you can mark the exact point where the 3D model was made.

    Filter your 3D models according to their location from your 3D gallery.

    There are 3D models with history, write it in eyesCloud3D

    Add annotations to your 3D models with eyesCloud3D. You can choose the size, color and position of each annotation.

    With this new functionality, new doors are opened in the online visualization of 3D models.

    October 2017 News

    Do you want to get free models? invite your friends to eyesCloud3D!

    If you bring a friend to eyesCloud3D, we will give you 5 totally free models, and another 5 to your friend.

    It's very easy! You can send her an invitation by email or by Whatsapp application.

    New 3D generation modes

    The new Dron and bottomless modes are now available in eyesCloud3D.

    The Dron mode is designed for models created with drone images. In addition to obtaining better results than with a normal model,we add the geolocation of the model, which increases the possibilities of 3D models.

    The bottomless model removes the noise present in the models, to focus on the foreground obtained. It is very useful when you have a uniform background.

    Takes real measurements on 3D models

    The eyesCloud3D visualizers offer a new possibility: the scaling of models to real size.

    For more information about how this new tool works, please see our information.

    September 2017 News

    Higher speed

    eyesCloud3D has improved its 3D model generation software to make processing much faster and more efficient.

    Getting your 3D model will be faster than ever!

    More realistic 3D models

    This new feature in eyesCloud3D will allow you to generate 3D models with a higher level of detail.

    Manage multiple rates simultaneously

    In eyesCloud3D we want to offer you the possibility to buy various rates and enjoy all simultaneously.

    If you are an individual user, you can use one rate in standard quality and another in premium quality.

    If you manage a company through eyesCloud3D, you can assign the rates to your departments.

    Do you like your new 3D model? share it!

    Now you can share your models through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin and Google+ social networks.

    Make your 3D creations gain prominence in social networks with eyesCloud3D

    New options available!

    Open your 3D model and enjoy the new features that eyesCloud3D provides.

    You can create a snapshot of your model and export it as an image.

    Do you want to store your model? EyesCloud3D makes it easy for you! Now you can export your model in PLY format.

    Rate your model

    If you want to let us know how your 3D model looks, rate it in eyesCloud3D and add a comment, we will bear in mind for future platform improvements.

    August 2017 News

    System of incidences

    Not satisfied with your model's performance? eyesCloud3D offers you a new incident system, through which you can report any problem associated with the generation of your 3D model .

    Our team will attend you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

    eyesCloud Business

    New control panel for business!

    If you are an administrator of a company, you can manage everything from your eyesCloud3D account.

    In addition, you can keep track of all generated models, with updated statistics and detailed information.

    Public links by URL

    In eyesCloud3D you can share the results of your 3D models via URL.

    More languages!

    eyesCloud3D provides a multi-language system able to translate all web content in real time. The languages added in this version are Spanish and English.